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Youth Futures was set up in January 2012 following the closure of other local youth projects due to funding cuts. We emerged in response to a number of local young people voicing their concern and disappointment that there was a lack of safe social spaces in the area, and since this time we have continued to follow a youth-led model, shaping our work based on what our members need and want to see in their community.
We see Youth Futures as one big family, where values of respect, trust and understanding are practiced and supported. Our work can look like lots of different things, and is often spontaneous, unconventional and challenging.

We are currently running three interlinked projects:

• Open-Access Youth Club Sessions @ Brandon Youth Club, Fridays 6-9pm

We are partnering with Southwark Council in order to offer local young people a safe space to socialise and relax every Friday night from 6pm at the Brandon Youth Club, Cooks Road SE17

• Youth Leadership Team

Our YLT meets every Tuesday evening at Camberwell Leisure Centre. These sessions are more focused and the YLT address current issues affecting local young people, often inviting guest speakers and holding workshops, as well as working on upcoming projects for our members. They are currently working on a Round-table project with the Metropolitan Police in order to improve community relations between young people and the police and identify areas where the police can improve their work.

• Mentoring & Personal Development

Our personal development programme encourages young people to highlight the positive things in their lives, and to identify the challenges and difficulties they face and how they would like to progress with them. Our mentors then provide support and guidance where and when it is needed, and also help to create opportunities and experiences tailored to the ambitions or interests of the young person. This programme has been very successful and we aim to expand it to work with more and more young people each year.

FBB / Southwark Council / Awards For All / Tutu Foundation / Rio Ferdinand Foundation / ES Dispossessed / G&H Roberts / Comic Relief / BSMNT / LDN Citizens

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Our Services

We believe a diverse range of people brings skills and ideas to the community.


We hold many mentoring sessions with our young people, the difference is most of our mentors are young people, we find that for building trusting relationships, it is better to have someone who is around your age and is going through the same things kinds of things that you are than having someone older trying to give you the same advice…

Breaking Barriers

We always like to be able to break the barriers between our young people and others in community, form the local business owners to police officers walking around the area, we are committed to changing everyone’s preconceptions.

Youth-led Activities

We are very proud to say that every project we have done, from start to finish has been youth led, we encourage our young people to usk us for anything tht they want to do, and we will always try at accomodate, weather that is setting up a T-shirt printing business or getting the equipment for a youth-led music studio.

Curating Relationships

Any relationship between us and the local community is important, so we always try to spend time making sure that those relationships are strong, this means being involved in local activities, meetings and cleanups – anything that can show what kind of people we are and how we are willing to help.

Interpersonal Development

With our young people, we really want them to succeed, as would anyone, but instead of ever forcing them into anything we ask and converse with them, so that they can have an interpersonal relationship with themselves, and so they can be their own driving force to achieve it.

Community Based Activities

We are very active in the local community, most of the young people we work with come from around the local area, and we always find it good to give back, whether that’s painting a mural outside of a school, or running a project that helps some of the older residents the area get to grips with technology, we are always looking to help in the community.

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