We rely on volunteers immensely to carry out the work of Youth Futures.

This can look like a lot of different things; from general volunteering during sessions which involves supervising games and activities with our junior members, to cooking meals for the group and facilitating discussions with the seniors. It is also possible to help Youth Futures by providing administrative support, donating money and equipment or offering to run workshops.

We ask for 3 months minimum commitment from volunteers attending the weekly sessions, so they can start to build substantial relationships with the young people. However, we find that most of our volunteers stay for a lot longer then this period and most maintain some degree of connection with the project even after they leave.

If you want to apply to be a volunteer please email your CV and statement of interest to weareyouthfutures@gmail.com detailing:

  • What experience, if any ,you have in youth work or the voluntary sector.
  • Why you want to join the Youth Futures family.
  • What you feel that you can bring to the organisation.
  • Two references
  • Be willing to have a CRB check