As a small community organisation we are dependent on the generosity of funders and the wider community to support us. We have built up a relationship with the local council and youth services and we have also received grants from UK trusts and foundations that are funding specific projects. We have an ethical funding policy and only accept funds from sources we trust, but we do seek funds from multiple revenue streams. We have very low overheads and the money we raise goes to the front line of our work; paying for youth workers, engagement activities, trips and workshops. We are always looking for ways to sustain and expand on the work we do, as the need and demand for our work is evident in the community.

Community Champions

Community Champions are members of the community and supporters of our work who want to help us continue and expand as an organisation. They give us 10 pounds a month or whatever they can afford to help us maintain and develop aspects of sessions. In the past our Community Champions have been essential for us to be able to open our doors on a Friday evening, and every donation goes direct to supporting the young people.

Would you like to become a Youth Futures Community Champion?