The culture of our organisation is very important and is what defines us as the youth organisation we have established and is continuing to evolve.

We have created what is referred to as the Youth Futures family where values of understanding, respect and trust are practiced and nurtured. We not only support young people but we work together with young people in the areas of personal and professional development.

We provide young people with a safe space in which they are not criticised and can feel free to express themselves and do what they want to do. Youth Futures views every young person as an individual and seeks to challenge the stereotypes of young people in the media, and counter the negative attitudes that a number of young people encounter in other areas of their lives. We believe that every young person has talent and a voice that deserves to be heard and debates and discussions are a regular feature at Youth Futures, whether to resolve differences, make decisions or to think about current or relevant issues. We encourage critical thinking through questioning and coaching, rather than imposing ideas or perspectives.

Our work can look like lots of different things and is often spontaneous, unconventional and challenging. In essence it involves standing shoulder to shoulder with the young people as they take their next steps. We turn away from the criticism, blame and punishment that often meet the young people we work with towards patience, encouragement, acknowledgement and accessible support in a safe space.